A Day of Projects


Waking up at 9am, Li Shaohuan, who has the same birthday as mine, and I visited a two-year-old start-up in NUS. The co-founder is a nice guy. We talked about the projects they are doing, and some ideas we have.

Later they went to a child care center at Toa Payoh to test the temperature-taking machine they sold to that center. We followed them to see whether there is anything we can do for the child care center, to enhance children learning experience of to ease teachers’ work.

To me, that temperature-taking machine is not that awesome(I will not talk about any details here to protect their trade secrets). It only saves the time for teachers writing down children’s temperature in the log. What can really interest me will be a machine requires no extra work for people to use. I do think they can improve it.

In the child care center, I just noticed two laptops in the office. According to the principle, they have a interactive whiteboard, which is their most advanced teaching tool. So it seems we cannot help them at this stage. With out hardware, we can do nothing.:-(

While on the way, we talked about SEP and NOC, in some point of view I never thought about. My view is that SEP is a wasting of time: you cannot learn well or play well, while you can gain some useful experience and skills doing NOC. To my surprise, he did not think high of NOC either. “You can not learn much useful ting, since the companies will not let you touch the core technology.”, which I think is quite reasonable. I also agree “university is the best time for a man to make a difference, when you have not much pressure form family”, and “If you really interested in doing start-up, start doing in year2 or year3, at least try it”. I like to talk with older guys, listing to their experiences and opinions. They may not always right or applicable for me, they provide me with other ways of thinking.

Our second project is almost there, thanks to the handwork by my teammates, and it is so sweet working with them, Ziwei, SXX, and Yaolong.

I just spent one and half hours finishing my CS2010 Problem Set. I do like algorithm, but I could not find much time on it.

Ending of recess week, but we still have not started coding for CS2103 project. Oops, we need to hurry up!