CS2101: First Post


Finally, I find a time before my meeting to write a post for my cs2101. I could not come out with a better post name, because I am writing some random stuff coming into my mind.

This is a good module, teaching all the skills of presentation, group meeting, proposal writing, etc, that all needed in future working life. However, unlike these modules with final exam, cs2101 requires consistent work throughout the whole semester, which means it will be suffering for 4 months.

Other groups did the presentations yesterday, I was so impressed by their good job! They were professional (at least looked like). They prepared well and used the skills found from from their research. Learning while using, this should  be the best way to studying. To my surprised mostly was Liu Yang’s performance! Although being good friends for long time, we seldom speak in English with each other. I thought he was not good at English but after this presentation, I really think he was hiding and not confident.

I am very happy with my group. We are preparing for our first presentation about Intercultural Communication. What I focus on is “legal and ethic behavior”, which I think is a little bit hard. I know there are differences among different cultures, but how those different should be applied in communication is confusing me. Anyway, I have to do it, and I hope it won’t be that bad.

Those days, I am thinking about how students should be graded, and I am debating with myself.

Student should be graded based on their performance: university has certain expectation for students, and student should achieve that standard to get good grades. Good grade never means have good ability, but it at least shows the ability to learn. So there should not be any excuse for not studying well (or good grades);

Student should be graded according to their improvements: it is quite common that students come from various backgrounds and have different levels. Some students may study really hard and improve a lot but still cannot catch up with the others, who may have learnt the content from JC. How should those students be graded? A or C?

Continued on August 27th:

Finally, we finished our Oral Presentation(OP) 1. Although something happened, we did well. Thanks to all my teammates.

Ray Chuan is really a good guy. He is a Singaporean, so his English is much better than ours. During discussion, he is always patient with us. And when we have any problem, he is willing to help. Ray Chuan does things very fast, I was deeply impressed when I saw he finished presentation scripts within 15 minutes! Moreover, he also have good programming skill. It was him who helped me solve a very tedious problem in Actionscript, a new language to me.

Jian Lin is a Chinese student, too. He works really hard and has a strong sense of teamwork. He finishes hi work and attends meeting on time. The other day, he even ran from PGP to SoC to be on time for meeting after missing a bus. I did not know how much he has prepared for the presentation, but indeed there was a huge improvement between presentation and rehearsal.

Mai Hong is a Vietnamese girl, who is very diligent. She always finishes work before I start working.  She is a little bit shy and we don’t have much communication after class. I hope in a short time, both of us can improve our english, so we can communicate with each other better. She is the only Vietnamese I ever worked with, I hope we can be friends in the future.

Hu Qiang is not good member of this team. He runs away every time when tutorial ends. When we are meeting, he often has other meetings awaiting. He is always the last one finishes his work, and he made some final-minute changes without informing others, that why the wrong slides were played in the presentation.

Ms Chan mentioned that we would realize how important writing when we start working. I really agree with it. I am Co-Chief Administrator of EusoffWorks, Eusoff Hall. I need to send out emails very often. Because of my bad writing skill, I need ask friends to help me check and revise important emails everytime. Now, I need to start working to improve it! Late is better than never, and I have time learning in University.