Install Google Play Service and YouTube on Mi Box

Recently I found out YouTube for Kids app. Then I really wanted to install it on my Xiaomi Mi Box, so I could play for my little daughter. Initially, I thought it would be as easy as to install YouTube TV, which I just downloaded from ApkMirror, and installed on Mi Box. It turned out not that easy, since YouTube for Kids requires Google Play Service. After several trial and errors, I finally managed to make it work.


  • Able to side load .apk to Mi Box;
  • Have a working mouse connected to Mi Box;


  1. Root the Mi Box: I used KingRoot to root my Mi Box. Since this app is not optimized for TV boxes, it requires a mouse to interact.
  2. Install Google Installer. I do not have the official address to this download, so I cannot provide with an authenticated link to it.
  3. Install Link2SD, which is available at ApkMirror.
  4. Open Link2SD and grant it root rights. Make the 6 Google services System App, by clicking and holding mouse left to toggle the menu, then select the option.
  5. Restart Mi Box.
  6. Open Play Store and input account information.
  7. Re-install YouTube for TV and YouTube for Kids.

That’s it, have fun!


After recent MIUI TV updates, Mi Box is really a Ads Box. It plays too much advertisement that I no longer stand. Plus now it is very difficult to navigate to user installed apps, nor the apps can be put on desktop. So I used Link2SD to freeze most of the un-used services; and switched to another Launcher(Dangbei), now it is much clear.
Dangbei Launcher