Pitching Session: What People Are Doing


It was so nice to have people outside school to talk about what they are doing. Sadly, I haven’t come out with any fantastic ideas about our assignments after listening the talks. But I do have thoughts about start-ups, even my future plan.

I did talk with my friend at end of last semester regarding building a module-review website, which is mostly aiming at SM (click this link to learn more about the SM program) students. I did check module-review, and found this website was not that successful, because the contribution from users are not that much. I decided to narrow my targets to SM students, because I think generally SM students are willing to help juniors by sharing experiences and giving advices. Moreover, SM students have limited majorities to study in NUS, so most of they have very similar study plan. I thought my idea could work within my target. However, due to the constraint of my ability at that time, I did not start woking on it.

At this time, it is really difficult to come out some unique ideas regarding new products. It is likely many people are having and working on the same idea. There were many SNS before Facebook came out (check this link to get more information), but none can beat Facebook at this time, except renren.com within China! This really shows ideas are common, executions matter. What we can do is opening our eyes, watching what are happening in the world; studying what others did/ are doing; think about how we can do it better. By doing so, we can gain experience, generate some new ideas, and even our better solution may be more successful to existing products.

I planned to do internship after taking CS3216 and CS3217. I may consider coming out with some projects and do with my friends. Maybe I will do some startups, who knows.