Post 3


Time flies, here we are at the final phase of this semester. It comes the time, oral presentation three(OP3), to present our product, QuickDo, to tutors and our fellow friends. At this time, we are spending most time fine-tuning it, while less time thinking about the presentation. Although in real life presentation skills matter, a good product worth 10 thousand words.


We have been through two presentations this semester. After learning from the mistakes we made in the last OPs, we now are familiar with most of the presenting skills and we are sure we can fully use them in the last OP. While we are preparing OP3, one question jumps into my mind: how are we positioning ourselves and audiences? Are we “acting” selling the product, or are we sharing what we have learnt with others?


If we are selling, I will ask myself:”Would you buy it if you were a user?” The answer is obvious. There are numerous calendar clients or todo managers, and I am using Google Calendar, Apple’s iCal and the new Reminder. I also tried Things and Fantastical. All of them are quite good, and they satisfy Jim’s needs. Especially Fantastical, a new calendar application in mac, is just the right one Jim should use and the one we are trying to make QuickDo like. I remember at the beginning survey of CS2103, I wrote “I want to build something that can facilitate people’s work and life”. At this stage, I would like to say this project is a failure, based on the criteria– what problem does it solve. A product will definitely fail if its developers don’t use it or don’t believe in it. Moreover, the audiences are also selling the same kind of products which might be better than ours. Having this kind of attitude, how can  I be confident on the stage selling this product?


If we are exchanging ideas, the difficulties we have been faced with and what we have learnt by solving the problems with other developers. I can say about the bugs and shortages of our product, and discussing and seeking advices from others. In this situation, I am telling the truth of the product, instead of saying it is perfect as a salesman. However, the discussion on techniques is supposed in CS2103. In CS2101, we are doing business–selling, thought I do not like it very much. This is life.


We have do it, then we are going to do it well. The product is like our child, and we will think it is better than the others even if it has some bugs. The presentation will be a show time to present the features, and I believe I will perform well.


PS: This is the last post that my teammates will definitely read, and they may not visit my blog in the future. So I will take this chance to express my appreciation to them. Thanks for your helps and I do enjoy the time with you. I apologize for any unsatisfying work I did. Good luck to your coming exams, and all the best for your future study and life. Hopefully we can work together in the future, too.