Review of Assignment 2 & others


Assignment 2

**Finally, assignment is done! However, I am not quite satisfied with what I have done. To be honest, I did not do much in this assignment, although I planned to do more at the beginning. I was so excited about HTML 5 when we started to work. Since I did, not well, the database part in assignment one, I wanted to do something else in this project. I started building a photo uploader, which was a small part in our original plan. I used and wanted to use the fantastic features of HTML5: dragging and dropping to select photos, drawing the photos in canvas, editing photos and storing data in local cache. It was fun until we changed our plan, making my photo-uploader not needed anymore and unfinished. For our new idea, I found I could not do much. I did not contribute as much as my teammates did, I felt down.

HTML5, looks beautiful

As a makeup language, HTML5 can present content very nicely. It runs on different platforms. It is beautiful to view, but painful to code. It runs across platforms, but it is not supported the same way across browsers! I started coding the photo uploader in Chrome. Later I found it was not very convenient to debug in Chrome or Safari, then I shifted to code in Firefox. Surprisingly, the code did not work in Firefox. When it worked in Firefox, it did not work in Chrome again! As a programmer, I need to come out with a set of code for every browser. How many browsers are there? IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10…

Case study 2:

I think this case study is very relevant to us. It is really normal change ideas along the way, like many team did in assignment 2. That happens mostly because teams are faced with some ignored difficulties, but not because of better new ideas. But die die don’t change more than one time! With all the previous in vain, people will feel depressed. (夫战,勇气也。一鼓作气,再而衰,三而竭)

For school projects, people matter. People feel happy doing what they believe in, and can do well. So the best way, i believe in, to make decision is not either to have powerful leader, nor basing on vote, but to come out with an agreement. This is the ideal result, which means hardly to archive. In real situation, someone has to sacrifice, mentally or physically. Who is the one? I am :-( .  Some friend says I am easily to give up my ideas. Actually, I don’t give up, but I leave them for the future. I will get whatever I want, unless it is proven I really could not. I need to power up myself, and that why I am here in CS3216.