Some thoughts about CS3216 final lecture


During the past two days, I slept a lot, really a lot. While lying in bed, I was thinking a lot, too.

Here I am writing some of my thoughts on the topics Prof. Ben talked during the last lecture on CS3216.

(i) The world today as we know it is broken

**Actually, I am not worrying about the Greek Crisis. I think this is an inevitable stage on the developing of European Union. The crisis will not break down EU, but make it more united.

Germany and France have the ability to save Greece and other countries, and they will save Greece at the end. None wants to see UE breaks up. What they want is asking Grace to pass give up (partially or completely) financial powers to EU. This will be the way in which to dealing with other countries (e.g. Italy, Span…).

So when the crisis ends, EU is economically and finically united. Later, the same same process will happen in military and politics, resulting in a true united Europe that have the ability to fight against US and Russia…

(ii)self mastery

Self mastery( is in the tradition of Chinese culture. However, it has not been in Chinese people’s attention for long time. All of the attentions are paid materials: increasing GDP in the national level and making more money in individual’s focus.

We have (seem to) strong economy now, but we are really weak in culture! what a shame! We have lost the meaning of Chinese! I am so sad seeing what is happening in my motherland.

(ii)Social mobility

**I don’t think it is necessary in a society where resources are equally shared among individuals. However, governments need to ensure there is chance, if not equal, for every member to succeed/get resource.

I don’t think the situation in China is that good. Those born in rural areas hardly have the chance to get good education as those born in rich area. People fall behind because of their birth, and it is hardly for them to catch up. Those have strong family background can easily find good jobs: being cicil officials or working in national companies; if they want to run own businesses, they can easily borrow money from banks, or raise funds.

I think Singapore is doing well in this, at least every student can get education of same quality.