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I just transferred my site from to Hawk Host. The former hosting is rally cheap, US$0.95 per month with 1G space and 20G bandwidth. However, it is blocked in China. What disappointed me and made me leave was their service. I contacted them asking what I could do to make my site accessible from China. Below are their replies.


Contact the China government about censoring everything not under their control.

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What do you want us to do?

Your issue is caused by China and can only be resolved by China.

  • If you want people located in a communist country that sensors everything not within their control to be able to see your site, you should cancel your account with us and find a host based in China to increase your chances of your site being seen by the citizens of China.*

I was planing to buy their dedicated IP service if they had. It seems they do not want make money from me at all! Then I started looking for hosting. It is really not easy to find a cheap but good one.

I was looking for big company like Godaddy , finding they are a little expensive. Also some people are saying big companies have more hosted websites, then higher chance being blocked! Later, I found hawkhost, which mainly aims at personal to middle-size business, and is said to have good service.

I did not make my decision that easy. I used some tools to ping hawk host from China to see if it is accessible and how the speed is. I even looked through all the hosted websites to see if anyone is likely to be blocked. I read some reviews by Chinese bloggers…

Last but not least, I found a 50% discount coupon of hawkhost, and I am willing to share it to all of you.


Also you can go to to check for more promotions.

Finally I found a new home for my site at hawkhost. Besides, my former hosting,, has 10 more months-availability. If you want to use it, for school projects, please contact me.