VSee Talk


It was so good a experience to listen to a talk by Mr.Milton, founder and CEO of VSee, an up going started-up company. I do think he is a nice man. I like his smile, gentleness, and the personality of half-friend-half-teather. He is a successful man, also dedicated programmer, making me feel close.


Tough way to success.

VSee was started in 2003, getting it first check in 2009. Six years is really a long time most start-up cannot survive for. I has asked myself if I can insist for such a long time, and the answer was no. I cannot “waste” such time. I cannot bear pressure from family, not any finance. I cannot image how sad my parents would be when others were saying”XX cannot make money, even if he had studied aboard in one of the top universities!” It is true I am looking for quick money, but is not money itself.

Actually I am OK with working 7 days a week. Since semester began, I have just been outside campus twice: going to IKEA to buy a sofa for EusoffWorks, and going to Chinatown for volunteering work this evening.

There is really not easy way to success. I like the motto of my high school “Choosing No.7 High School is choosing a tough way to success”. I remember the slides of railway tracks Prof. Ben showed to us in the last lecture of CS1101s. I admit I am a coward not choosing CS2020. Anyway, I am here in the journey of CS3216. I am not sure if I will be successful, but I do choose the tough way.

Learning is everywhere

**As Confucius said “Three people are together, there must be one you can learn from”(三人行,必有我师焉, sorry about my translation. Actually three should be translated as many). We can learn something from people around us. The biggest problem for me is forgetting what I learn. :-( . I think the only solution is doing, doing, doing… When I am about to give up, reminding myself to pushing for one more day, one more week, until it becomes a habit.

I did not realize the importance of replying emails. I have been replying the mails directed to me these days, sometimes just a word “noted”.

Long-distance relationship is good for workaholics 

What you need to do is making a phone call for half hour every day. Even you can call her, while doing other things. Compared to in-campus relationship, which requires seating, shopping, moving…., long-distance relationship is both time and money efficient, O(K) where K is a constant.