What I have learnt in CS3216


CS3216 is really a life-change module. I have benefited from it much more than other modules, sincerely.

Firstly, let’s have a look at my expectations on this module before it started. I wrote in this post.

1, Building a software facilitating people’s life and work.

In both assignment 2 and final project, I think we made something useful. Although Prof. Ben does not buy the idea of Book Venue, I think it is useful. It provides a better way for NUS students to trade used text books. To my surprise, someone wants to buy our final project, YunReading. The actual price does not matter that much, after all, it proves that we can make something with value.

2. How to apply concepts learnt from school to the fast-changing IT world.

**To be honest, this point is so abstract. My understanding is that the thinking process is more important than technical skills. One point I think will be important throughout my life is “Thinking about what the problem you are going to solve  before doing”. That will ensure the thing I am building will be of value to some extend.

3. How to work in a team.

**After working in different teams with different friends, I do think I have learnt much from all of them. Sai gave me the ideas of self-learning, I learnt how to think and come out with ideas from Kenneth, Peng Jun’s insistence on what he believes in, Yao Long, Yin Yue and Xiang Xin’s good design, Ziwei, Yingbo and Aldrian’s good coding, and Shaohuan’s passion to work…

As for myself, I tried doing different things in each assignment, so that I can experience and learn as much as possible.  By the way, CS3216 has gives me the best team-working atmosphere ever.

4. How to think in advance.

**This is really a long term process. I need to continue improving.


I did get some bonus from CS3216.

1, learning ability:

Now, I am confident on my self-learning ability, at least for computing related topics. I have the interest to learn more, and I roughly know how to learn, Googling, referring to what I know and reading APIs.

2, video making:

This is really exclusive one for me. I am relatively familiar with FInal Cut Pro X now. :-p

3, making new friends:

One point Prof. Ben mentioned really impress me, “CS3216 is more like a community”. I have never experienced such good atmosphere for a module. I remember I post a question regarding configure mail server in CS3216 group, quirky I received many suggestions.

We will not be strings in the future, I am sure. I do look forward working with these friends in the future, maybe in coming CS3217 (Can I reserve a seat now :-p).

Unlike other modules that force students to learn, CS3216 focuses more on thinking, and let students decide what to explore. This is what education should be.

If you want to make a deference in your life, you should take CS3216. Unfortunately, you don’t have chance, hahaha! I made it.