HU Qiang

Residency Status: Singapore Citizen
Mobile: +65-86930506 Email: [email protected]


Experienced Senior Engineer with expertise in designing and implementing complex software systems. Proficient in the following technologies:

  • Java, Spring Boot, Micro Services
  • React, Vue.js, jQuery, Angular
  • Oracle, Redis, Kafka, MongoDB, MariaDB
  • Docker, Jenkins, GitLab, Mattermost
  • Machine Learning, Chatbots, Instant Messaging


Senior Engineer, OKX

Jan 2023 - Present

  • Lead the design of the in-house Instant Messaging system.

Senior Back-end Engineer, Contract Trading BU, Phemex Exchange

Apr 2022 - Nov 2022

  • Led the solution design and implementation of the core copy trading system and APIs for Copy Trade.
  • Enhanced APIs for Earn Crypto.

Senior Full-stack Engineer, Big Data Team, Binance

Aug 2021 - Apr 2022

  • Led the design and implementation of a Machine Learning-based Customer Support Chatbot configuration system.
  • Enabled Chatbot SaaS with multi-tenancy support to reduce cost and comply with regulations.

Senior Software Engineer, Alibaba Inc

May 2020 - Aug 2021

  • Designed and implemented a full-stack marketing solution for
  • Rolled out an affiliate and brand marketing platform, with internal tracking and attribution capability.
  • Developed a backend for a live streaming solution, with multi-layer Micro Services, RPC communication, and cache and MQ for decoupling and performance.
  • Managed PRD, collaborated with Frontend, Mobile, and QA teams.

Application Developer, Associate, DBS Bank Ltd

April 2015 - April 2020

  • Designed and developed a self-service dashboard for traders, with configurable tasks/views to replace manual report generation and email workflow.
  • Migrated from Oracle to MariaDB and Hadoop, refactored code, and setup Presto for cross-data source query and validation.
  • Migrated from Weblogic to Embedded Tomcat, upgraded code base, adapted IBM Object Storage, and enabled BTM as transaction manager.
  • Developed a risk computation module with Spring Boot backend, fully documented APIs, and Vue.js UI.
  • Initiated Application Security initiatives, onboarded SonarQube and Fortify for code quality.
  • Designed and implemented a MicroService, developed a starter project, implemented Single Sign On service using JWT, and built a Feature Manager to manage Micro Services.
  • Managed a RedHat Dev server, administered GitLab and Mattermost, and implemented Jenkins for CI/CD.

Research Engineer, IDMI, NUS

April 2014 - April 2015

  • Worked on ReadPeer, a platform for sharing and discussing academic papers.
  • Designed and implemented the full-stack system, with a SIGMOD publication.


  • Qiang Hu, Qi Liu, Xiaoli Wang, Anthony K.H. Tung, Shubham Goyal, and Jisong Yang. DocRicher: An Automatic Annotation System for Text Documents using Social Media, SIGMOD, 2015 PDF


  • Bachelor of Computer Science, National University of Singapore, 2014